Responses to my last two blogs were not as I had expected. Some friends called (yes… called instead of commenting. What can I say? Old school is still cool for some folks). They said I was lecturing to deaf ears. Consensus was that the writers of today gave as minimal a value to spelling as do readers.

Not so I said. Prove it they said. But I had no stats. The conversation ended.

Then out of the blue, up pops a survey with stats. You have to love the Internet. If what you need isn’t there, wait a bit and it soon will be available.

Disruptive Communications is a London, UK based agency focusing on digital PR, content marketing and social media. It decided to β€œresearch into what brand behaviour annoys people in social media. Surveying a total of 1,003 UK consumers, we asked what would be most likely to damage their opinion of a brand in social media ”

What turns off readers. What irritates them about a brand. A brand being a business or just a writer promoting himself or herself.

β€œMost people flagged up poor spelling and grammar as their number one turn-off.” Those are the words of Disruptive Communications. Let’s hover over that statistical revelation.

Now look at the Infographic to reinforce the point. A significant 42.5% said spelling and grammar matter. Yes, it does drop to 20.9% in the 18-24 age group— but it is still their 2nd biggest gripe!

Interested in learning more? Read another commentary on various aspects of the story by Shel Holz in today’s Ragan’s PR Daily. And then there are the thoughtful comments from readers as well (take note my old school friends) that reinforce the survey.

Anthony M. Scialis