Road to eternity
Road to eternity (Photo credit: NicolaiZoffmann)

Reconnecting with people is a street you travel more often as you grow older. If you are a pessimist then you look in the rear view mirror at the roads of what-might-have-been. As an optimist you steer towards the avenues of activities you cherished.

Anne is a lady who worked with me on the first publication I created (The Entertainer in CT, 1972-1976 RIP). I haven’t spoken with her in over 30 years. Trust me bloggers, the years will fly by as you get older. We lost touch but thanks to the Internet, and especially LinkedIn, we’ve reconnected.

If I were to be considered the chief cook & bottle washer on the editorial, production and business sides of the newspaper, Anne was the one-man (one-person) band covering music, theatre, politics and sports.

Single mom with two little kids; she was putting herself though college. With all that on her plate, she walked into my office, asking  for a chance to write.

Although the movie The American President hadn’t even been written, let alone made at that point, there is a great Aaron Sorkin line that perfectly describes Anne.

President Andrew Shepherd says “America isn’t Easy. America is Advanced Citizenship. You’ve got to want it bad.” (Actually “want it badly” but the Prez was speaking from the hip in that speech, which you can see here if you wish)

Journalism also isn’t easy. It’s far more complicated than stringing a few words together. And Anne wanted it badly.

Badly enough that she took every assignment, turned each in on time, and didn’t argue when I edited them. Anne, sorry, I don’t recall what you were taking at college. I don’t think it was Journalism. But you had talent and I hoped you would continue after we all went our separate ways.

That memory drives us back to the present. Anne went on to be a solid reporter at several newspapers in CT, She did successful stints under various editorial hats as well. Wow. According to a little blurb she just put on my LinkedIn page, The Entertainer & I influenced her life. Double wow.

The point being my padawans, grasshoppers, and young bloggers (in age as well as in experience), keep your window open to any advice an older or more skilled person offers. And be prepared to offer a back seat ride to a person who asks you for an assist. The rules of the road you impart may have a bigger influence in their life than you might expect.

Anthony M. Scialis