Wow. Not very profound as writing goes, but honest. Being a social media manager may rival the rise and fall of the dot coms.

According to Fortune magazine, “Growth in positions with the title ‘social media manager’ slowed to 50% in the past year, a dramatic decline from recent years, when triple (and even quadruple) digit growth was commonplace.”

Ryan Holmes, CEO, HootSuite
Ryan Holmes, CEO, HootSuite (Photo credit: Realtime Report)

The article was written by Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hoot Suite, based on info from that  study issued by

However, according to B2C website “…what’s really interesting is that the same Indeed study found that job mentions with ‘social media’ in the description actually grew by 89%, which highlights the expansion of social media beyond marketing departments and throughout organizations.”
In other words, keep sharpening your skills in the brave new world of social media, but it might be best to not to give up the day job. Let it be your main employment calling card, and extol your social media capabilities as extended benefits of your value.