Social media as a tool to report & comment on a TV series is now giving way to social media becoming an integrated part of the programming. Alexandra Jacopetti, Senior Account Manager of Rocket Post recently wrote an interesting roundup 5 Top Shows Killing It With Social Media (Social Media Today).

She writes: “CBS’s returning crime show Person of Interest is inviting fans to submit their photo through a new Facebook app. The app determines your “threat level,” then creates a profile picture you can post on your timeline. You can then submit the photo to the show’s producers and it might show up in a future episode.”

Jim Caviezel
Jim Caviezel star of Person of Interest (Photo credit: Air Force One)

As a fan of Person of Interest, these promotions and social marketing are quite inviting.

Read the article for yourself.

Granted this integration intensifies the personal experience of the program’s viewer. But, will it improve the writing or bear any fruit in attracting non viewers?  Advertising revenue is after all still based on ratings.

Additionally, could it even backfire, going so far as to alienate any of a program’s current viewers who may not be as “fluent” in social media. Would they begin to feel ostracized or discriminated “from the party” and tune out?

What do you think?