Social media is neither good nor bad. Just like a car, a gun, or a word— it’s all in what you do with it. I was reading a blog by “laurenc129”  which covered an interesting social media by-product: the comments section.

She writes “I’m not sure what I expected, but the venom injected into so many of the comments was jarring.”

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While social media offers the writer fenceless pastures in which to roam, the comments section can often be riddled with bushwhackers.

I point to Lauren’s blog because not only did she express sorrow that people find the need to rip others in the comments section, but she also offered some suggestions and hope.

She points out that we need to not only “understand the power of our words, the impact that they have on others, but also on ourselves.”

And then she left herself wide open to her own comments section.

What did people say? Read the blog and see.