SF BatKid saves Gotham City!
SF BatKid saves Gotham City! (Photo credit: Dave Schumaker)

Scriptwriters wish they could write a story (video) like this. A child in remission from leukemia, a dream, and fulfillment courtesy of the Make A Wish Foundation.

He wanted to play at being a hero. He already is.

Traditional media and social media contributed (big shout out to Clever Girls Collective social marketing company which contacted Twitter), as well as over 12,000 people volunteering to participate, witness and cheer on Batkid.

A sampling of tweets from adults:

I’m not even gonna lie. I spent most of the day following Batkid. One of my favorite stories by far.

Everyone thought they were helping Batkid today. Truth is, he was helping us. The world was a better place, if just for a little while.

And if a tear didn’t tug at your eye, or a smile on your face, then you’re a fitting replacement for Mr. Freeze or Capt. Cold.