Indulgence is a plus point of blogging that I hope you all value. I can veer off theme and not have an editor come down on me. For example, today, I want to feature something that I personally think is so cool (yes I am a child of the ’60s) it screams to be shared.

Star Trek’s LeVar Burton explaining the reasons behind the Mars-bound MAVEN launch which took place today— that is creative writing. If humans are ever to colonize another planet, Mars is it. And who better to tell us about that space mission than Geordi LeForge?

If that has you interested, here is the launch.

According to the Universe Today website “Burton’s PSA will be used at MAVEN scheduled events around the country and will also be shared on the web and social media, according to NASA. The goal is to educate the public about MAVEN and NASA’s efforts to better understand the Red Planet and the history of climate change there.”