There are two kinds of writers I recently told my friend John Andrews of Social Palates Photography. There are those like me that use many words to write a story, peppered with one picture. Then there are writers like him who use pictures to tell a story, and they sweeten it with a few words.

the-walking-dead-season-4And then there special cases like this Walking Dead poster which say so much and so little with one picture and a few words.

That said, since I am speaking mostly to word writers, I thought I should provide some advice on optimal use of pictures in your blogs.

So friends, students and lurkers, here is a cheat sheet from Luna Metrics for sizing pictures on various social media platforms. The article by Samantha Hosenkamp appeared on the PR Daily site.

What size should a Timeline pix or Thumbnail on Facebook be? Or a Shared Image on Twitter? Ever tried to fit in a Shared Video on Google+ or the Mappable Header on You Tube? Thinking about the Career Cover Photo on LinkedIn? And what about the Pin Preview on Pinterest?

All the secrets revealed. This is one item I am going to bookmark and email to myself just to make sure it doesn’t fade away like… an old picture.