Reporter’s Notebook: Can You Spell Misspell?

Off the top of your head… which are spelled correctly and which are not?

Misspellings1- seperate

2- definitely

3- calender

4- misspell

5- privlege

6- argument

7- consensus

8- pronounciation

9- accommodate

Maeve Maddox contributed some thoughts on these words to a recent Daily Writing Tips article:

For whatever reason – overconfidence or sloth – the same misspellings continue to appear in business emails, advertising copy, resumes, and on blog sites. The writer’s best defense is to take a good look at the most frequent misspellings and zero in on every letter in the word.”

In other words (pun intended), spell check may or may not catch these. But at least use it. (The correct spellings and tips are in Maeve’s blog). And then double check the copy.

I also suggest walking away from the blog and then coming back in few minutes at which point you should read it again; not so much word by word backwards as one commenter suggests but read it backwards paragraph by paragraph.

The blog won’t make as much sense, which means you will be paying more attention to the words rather than the topic.

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