Reporter’s Notebook: About The “About Me” Page

You are who you are, but who are you? Readers interested enough in your words & thoughts will gravitate to your About Me page. Use it to seal the deal on selling your value to followers.

Some people even use it as a landing page instead of their website Home page. Therefore your About Me presence is even more critical to your message.

Daniel Sharkov of Reviewz N Tips recently posted a blog filled with several easy “improve reader engagement” fixes to your About Me page.

In polishing up his own page, Daniel came up with some suggestions for you:

  • Tips on how to bring more visitors;
  • Ideas on what to write about;
  • Ways to get more conversions;
  • And how to keep visitors in the loop;

One of the obvious suggestions is to display a picture of yourself. That is a no-brainer. Want people to follow you? They need to feel they know you. And a picture is a great ice-breaker.

Another option is to generate a creative headline beyond About Me. That is something I had used. Good to know it was a qualified idea.

I intend to look over my About Me page to determine other areas that could stand improvement. You should look at yours as well.

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