Delete ButtonGmail’s “undo send” button just got electronic sand kicked in its face with the arrival of Dmail— this is a new Google Chrome plugin, which puts real power in the hands of the sender with complete control over how long the recipient can view the email.

Ananya Bhattacharya writing in 7/24/15 edition of CNNMoney explains that the “undo send button only works for up to 30 seconds. Dmail gives you as much time as you like. You can preset timing such as ‘in 1 hour’ or ‘in 1 week’ and the message will self-destruct accordingly.”

As Sarah Perez writes in TechCrunch (7/23/15 edition) “What’s clever about Dmail is that, unlike some other secure messaging products, recipients don’t have to use the service themselves in order for it to work. When a user sends a Dmail, the body of that email is encrypted locally on the user’s machine.”

This means you could also code it “never,” leaving yourself the option to revoke it at some future point, be it one day or one year later.

Point is, your small business emails may out of necessity contain confidential info and proprietary designs as you struggle to make friends, gain trust and forge relationships during the critical first three years of operations. With email hacking on the rise, wouldn’t you like to know that your info now won’t just be sitting in some office computer waiting to be ripped off?

For procedural and technical specifics about Dmail, click the links to the above two referenced articles.

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