Social media is not comprised of one size fits all platforms. The platforms serve different functions. They show different sides of businesses. They appeal to different sexes and ages. If you’ve relinquished social control to a staff member whose “social business experience” is that he/she has an Instagram or Facebook account, those facts may not be known.

Perhaps that’s why the platform your small biz is using has not been delivering results, that is increased sales, followers and communication? Could be.

Let me share with you an article Hootsuite offered up; it’s a travelogue to walk you down the ins and outs of how Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc. affect and are affected by different industries.

By no means are all covered. For example, the restaurant industry— one of the most prominent here in Salem— isn’t highlicon blog 1ighted. The article should really have delved into that area because unlike most other businesses, this service industry also has to deal with review sites— of which you usually have no control on the content.

(If you were asking me, I would say because an eating establishment is visual, go with both Instagram & Pinterest— but don’t neglect word of mouth that can be generated by Twitter and blogs, which can also deflect the occasional negative review on consumer opinion sites.)

Author Evan LePage suggests the following symbiotic relationships (you’ll need to read the article for the supporting reasons):

  • Retailers go with Instagram
  • Manufacturers go with YouTube
  • Media go with SnapChat
  • Government agencies go with Instagram
  • Technology go with whatever comes next (think about it, if you’re a tech company you should be on whatever is hot— or even before so— to prove how cutting edge you are).

What about Realtors, amusement attractions, tourism outlets and social organizations, all of which have a strong presence in the Salem business mix? Well, what do you think would not only showcase those businesses yet also allow for the all-important communication with customers?

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