Challenge presented. Challenge Accepted. A fellow social media entrepreneur put the question to me: Describe Customer engagement in one word. I thought for a few minutes.


Not a social buzz word. Neither a marketing nor small biz lingo-laden insider techie phrase.

Just “more.”

Do more for the customer. Give more to the customer. And the customer will do more for you.

Cust engagementWas that a “good answer” as they say on Family Feud? (I thought I saw Richard Dawson and Steve Harvey each giving me a thumb’s up!)

And after a short search, I found validation on no less a biz site than Yahoo’s Aabaco Small Business Service, and an article by Sally Lee.

( described AaBaco as: “a service that offers small business owners custom websites, hosting, domains, eCommerce help, and business email plans. So, instead of helping you find businesses on the Web, Aabaco helps you get your small business on it.”)

Author Sally Lee’s opening paragraph in 5 Tips for Building Your Customer Engagement Strategy puts in perfect perspective what customer engagement is:

‘It’s getting customers to spend more time with your company and to feel more of a connection with and more value from you. In return, more engaged customers last longer, are more loyal and spend more money.This leaves you more time to focus more on making your customers happy and providing products and services they want and need, and spending less time on securing new customers.”

She gets it. Yahoo Business gets it. More, more, more.

Does your small business get it? The more you focus on customer engagement, the more you will profit from it.

( Anthony M. Scialis is an experienced print & broadcast writer who coordinates blog, Twitter & Facebook social media content to create a focused & powerful customer engagement effort which will bridge the gap between the wants of your small business to grow and the needs of your customers to be satisfied. Follow