What do you need? Poof!  Remember that scene from Disney’s Aladdin movie? Yamarie Grullon, the creative force behind the soon-to-be launched NYC-based SocialSeedia, wants to pick your small business owner brain with a survey, for your own benefit (and hers too). She is asking “what do you need” to succeed. Poof!

whatdoyouneed“The purpose of this survey,” she explains, “is to help me understand if small business owners and entrepreneurs are interested in ‘do-it-yourself’ programs that offer limited support via email or social networking groups, as well as what social media platforms they are most interested in learning about.”

As I’ve detailed in previous blogs, many of you small business owners struggle with time constraints, with understanding which & how many social channels you need to be on, and how to engage / convert followers into customers. Your options are to turn over social media to an employee or relative with some semblance of social skills— usually based upon experience as an amateur consumer not as a professional marketer. Or you can outsource social media services which, depending upon what needs to be done, can get expensive.

Grullon offers an intriguing third option:

“My goal is to understand what these small business owners are looking for so that I can create a simple, do it yourself, plug-it-in program that doesn’t require too much time & effort on their behalf and is cost-effective.”

She adds, “I’ve realized from my experience that they don’t need to know it all. They don’t need to be experts in Facebook Ads and all these different social networking sites. If they have a simple step by step plan and know the basics, they can get started and make immediate changes to help them impact sales.”

It is an interesting question and solution she poses. If you want this result, you need to do A, B, C. Unless you have this kind of business, then do D, E, C.

While, for example, she can’t relieve you of actual writing burdens (thus, you still may need my services), her project could help you organize where & when writing promotions should be placed vs pictures and videos.

Why not take the time? In responding to the questions and contemplating answers, you might even learn a thing or two about your own social media perceptions & realities that affect customer engagement.

(Anthony M. Scialis is an experienced print & broadcast writer who coordinates blog, Twitter & Facebook social media content to create a focused & powerful customer engagement effort which will bridge the gap between the wants of your small business to grow and the needs of your customers to be satisfied. Follow https://twitter.com/amssvs)