Social Media Slice for Thursday, August 9, 2018

Tweets no longer allowed to be auto-posted to Facebook, plus Ad Targeting and Contact Forms covered today.

SLICE is a M-F news digest targeted to assist Social Media Managers and Small Business Owners doing their own marketing.


Twitter posts no longer can be auto-posted to Facebook. Not news to everybody, but some of you may have missed the memo. More


Ad Targeting on Facebook is going through changes. I have posted an item previously. What types of keywords are affected and how to adjust your Facebook Ads strategy is Andrea Vahl’s contribution to the discussion. Thanks Andrea! More...


Thursday motivation


Contact forms (think “lead ad forms”) can be added on a Facebook Canvas to keep potential customers from leaving your client’s FB marketing effort! Jon Loomer has a tutorial. More


Elimination of security check points at “smaller airports” is an idea that won’t fly. I had posted the item when it first came out. Initially sounded like a good idea to speed things up. Transportation Security Admin. was looking to cut staff / save money. But after further study…

“If TSA were to eliminate staffing at smaller airports, connecting passengers would have to be screened when arriving at larger airports, which would require an overhaul of passenger traffic at all of those airports.”


(Your thoughts are ALWAYS welcome. Turn this into a conversation either here or on my Twitter account @amssvs)

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My name is Anthony Scialis and I used to be a newspaper writer. For over 40 years I covered the business and entertainment beats for community newspapers & magazines. Now, I use research & writing experience to provide Small Business Owners with customer-centric information. I assist with writing blogs and tweets, freeing up small biz owners to focus on what they enjoy and do best— run their businesses.

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