Social Media Slice for Monday, August 13, 2018

Responding to reviews, dealing with website security, and extra FB page authorizations head up today’s news.

SLICE is a M-F news digest targeted to assist Social Media Managers and Small Business Owners doing their own marketing.


Reviews. Small biz love them. Small biz hate them. As a Social Media Manager your job is to get your clients to peacefully coexist with both the good and bad reviews. Here is a solid Monday Morning read on “responding.” More


Manage pages for clients that have large followings? Facebook is going to be asking you to go through an additional authorization process before it will allow you to post and manage your page. More


To get you started this week:


Security at your website “ends” with an “s” as in “https.” Tips on improving website security for your client website. More


Vegan, gluten-free meals are beginning to take off on airplane tray tables as options perceived as fresher, healthier and made with high-quality ingredients become more in demand. More

(Your thoughts are ALWAYS welcome. Turn this into a conversation either here or on my Twitter account @amssvs)

Published by Anthony Scialis, Social Media Content Creator

My name is Anthony Scialis and I used to be a newspaper writer. For over 40 years I covered the business and entertainment beats for community newspapers & magazines. Now, I use research & writing experience to provide Small Business Owners with customer-centric information. I assist with writing blogs and tweets, freeing up small biz owners to focus on what they enjoy and do best— run their businesses.

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