Social Media Slice for Tuesday, August 14, 2018

How skipping ads is a good thing, plus Facebook Targeting and Fax hacking, all covered today.

SLICE is a M-F news digest targeted to assist Social Media Managers and Small Business Owners doing their own marketing.


Skipping ads could be a good thing. What? Hoping to “deliver a more personalized experience and a more engaging audience to our advertisers,” Spotify is testing (in Australia) an option that lets listeners skip video & audio ads whenever they want, so they can get back to the music sooner. More


Professional Targeting Options. Facebook giveth, then taketh away. And now it bringeth some back! More



Fax hacking is a reality. Fax machines are still the way to go to transmit info for many small biz. Perhaps yours? Don’t be complacent. 46 million fax machines worldwide. Just waiting for hackers to easily get the number and send a malicious, crafted image file by fax to a potential victim. More


Just a travel advisory today. Not all wall sockets at airports are created equal. Some aren’t real. There is a prank going around using outlet stickers to irritate people needing to refuel drained cell phones and laptops. More

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