Social Media Slice for August 28, 2018

Clicks might not be the best way to evaluate marketing success, bot subscribers are warm to be retargeted, and page admins can now pin comments. All covered today.

SLICE is a M-F news digest targeted to assist Social Media Managers and Small Business Owners doing their own marketing.


“Clicks,” writes Claude Denton in Entrepreneur, “are a poor indicator of how successful one’s marketing really is.” You can A/B test all you want. You still don’t know if that specific ad is what motivated the sale at that moment in time. He suggests “lift” from a randomized control trial would show whether the ad spend was worth it.

“Clicks don’t tell you much about whether an ad drove incremental revenue. So why are marketers so focused on them?” More


Are you motivated to encourage increased discussion in Groups, as a way to raise engagement and interaction between users? So is Facebook. Voila. You can now PIN COMMENTS IN DISCUSSION THREADS. More



MESSENGER BOTS. Guess what else you can do with them? Hint, it involves retargeting this warm list. Yes, you can create custom and lookalike bot audiences for Facebook ad targeting. More


BAGGAGE FEES going up at Jet Blue. Response is to defray mounting fuel costs, among other issues. First checked bag going from $25 to $30. Fees for 2nd & 3rd luggage items also increasing. More

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