Social Media Slice for September 7, 2018

Ian Cleary gives insights on social media tools he uses, plus I have articles on Google Tag Manager, SEO, and free tv on American Airlines.

SLICE is a M-F news digest targeted to assist Social Media Managers and Small Business Owners doing their own marketing.


Today’s #FridayMotivation comes from a tweet by Gopal Rawal @rawalgopal2. I think it also fits nicely if you had a challenging week as a Social Media Manager or Small Biz owner. (background graphic added)


IAN CLEARY is a well known influencer and a great guy who has personally answered questions I have sent him. Today, he shares some suggestions on how you can operate smarter in the social media world with these 5 tools he uses. More


Usually organic content takes a back seat to paid content coverage here because… well… ads are a big part of your job. But this article on using expert opinions to link-build, nicely provides you a “behind-the-scenes” look at what else we writers do in our job. More


Meet MEASUREMENT MARKETING’s best friend, GOOGLE TAG MANAGER. Not to be confused with Google Analytics. Use it to Install Tracking Pixels on Your Website. More


American Airlines is upgrading in-flight Wi-Fi options. Passengers on domestic flights will have their pick of 12 channels: Bravo, CBS, CNBC, CNN, Disney, ESPN, Fox, NBC, NFL Network, Telemundo, TNT and USA.

Best part? You will watch them on your laptop, smartphone or tablet free of any WiFi charge! More...

(Your thoughts are ALWAYS welcome. Turn this into a conversation either here or on my Twitter account @amssvs Please feel free to check out the rest of my website as well. 

Published by Anthony Scialis, Social Media Content Creator

My name is Anthony Scialis and I used to be a newspaper writer. For over 40 years I covered the business and entertainment beats for community newspapers & magazines. Now, I use research & writing experience to provide Small Business Owners with customer-centric information. I assist with writing blogs and tweets, freeing up small biz owners to focus on what they enjoy and do best— run their businesses.

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