Today on SoMe Slice we take a look at the battle against Revenge Porn, Instagram as a direct destination of your ad spend, the value of LinkedIn Groups, and fee waivers by airlines in relation to Hurricane Florence.

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Our #WednesdayWisdom comes from  the thoughts of Bill Gates. (background graphics added)



LINKEDIN GROUPS aspect has been rebuilt and given new features to help you better build your professional communities. Here is a run through of what you can expect to find & do. More


REVENGE PORN is a disgustingly apt term for a bullying tactic that many women have had to suffer through on social media: finding unwanted, unauthorized intimate pictures plastered all over the Internet. Usually neither much legal help nor online options available to negate it. Now there’s a global movement that is fighting it. More


INSTAGRAM advertising picture is getting bigger. In fact, although many use it through Facebook as another place to market paid content, Lucas Elliott writing for Jon Loomer says this:

“Though Facebook has made it easier to simply use Instagram as another place to publish your ads, my recommendation is to create specific assets optimized for each platform whenever possible.”

To prove the point, here is an inside look at How to Compare Audience Sizes on Instagram vs. Facebook. More


Flying in next few days? Hurricane Florence may have something to say about that. If you have to cancel, take note many airlines have offered variations in fee waivers. Some airlines also had waived fees for Hurricane Isaac in the Caribbean and Tropical Storm Olivia in the Pacific near Hawaii. More

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