Despite issuing a proclamation in support of Veterans’ Day, Donald Trump’s true self was plain for all to see — or not see — at Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in Belleau, France. He was scheduled to attend ceremonies there today (Saturday, Nov. 11) with other world leaders and dignitaries to honor the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. But he skipped it as callously as you would skip a party you don’t really want to attend. It was raining.

I was planning to editorially rant. I was going to post links to the NY Times, Washington Post, Reuters, and BBC News to substantiate my point. What Trump did was an affront & embarrassment to the red, white, and blue American flag, as well as to our fallen soldiers and living veterans.

But some trumpite would whine “fake news… mainstream media is the enemy of the people… Eastern liberal NYT and WaPo…” (although it would have been interesting to see what they would label Reuters and BBC).

Fox News Agrees???

Instead, I give you the bastion of conservatism. Home of Sean Hannity. Fox News.

Although this Fox News article does not directly attack trump, it DOES NOTHING to defend him. It even goes so far as to repost tweets by David Frum, a speechwriter for former President George W. Bush. Frum pointed out that other transportation accommodations could’ve been made in case of poor weather.

And then going out of its way Fox backs that up with corresponding comments from Ben Rhodes. He had served as deputy national security adviser in the Obama administration. Reacting to a tweet from Frum, Rhodes wrote: “I helped plan all of President Obama’s trips for 8 years. There is always a rain option. Always.”

Let me add reaction from regular people on the ground.

The Queen of England left her castle to drive in a car to honor soldiers from all nations. Trump could not be bothered to leave his room.

I could possibly dig up pictures of Presidents Obama and Reagan— even Nixon— standing in the rain at other military memorials in the States. Trump passed on where American blood was spilled on foreign soil.

A POTUS with character would tell staff to sit safely in the cars. But he or she would stand there and be pelted by rain to honor our fallen sons, brothers, fathers, and uncles.

(I don’t know if in 1918 any women were killed in action there. If so, then add daughters, sisters, mothers, and aunts.)

Tomorrow or Monday, Press Secretary Sanders will condescendingly spin this story. Most likely she & the administration will pin this on some poor guy or more than likely woman scapegoat in the POTUS protection detail, saying they felt it wasn’t safe.

But, it was safe enough for a delegation that included Chief of Staff John Kelly to go in his place?

You know what else isn’t safe? Having a weak POTUS who is afraid of the rain and puts his interests ahead of standing up for the red, white, and blue.