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FACEBOOK STABS YOU IN BACK AGAIN- New York Times investigation reveals that FB gave Netflix and Spotify the ability to read Facebook users’ PRIVATE messages. Worse than a breach. This was an offering.

FYI if you are a social media manager or marketing director you may get some pushback from your accounts on the “need” to still be on Facebook.

Jason Leopold, senior investigative reporter at BuzzFeedNews tweeted these summaries:

“Facebook allowed Microsoft’s Bing search engine to see the names of virtually all Facebook users’ friends without consent…

…Facebook permitted Amazon to obtain users’ names and contact information through their friends, and it let Yahoo view streams of friends’ posts as recently as this summer, despite public statements that it had stopped that type of sharing years earlier.”

And that’s not all. More.


SEO OR SMM- Which drives more traffic to your account’s website? Good question. More


KEYWORD FINDERS FOUND- There are more ways to find and use keywords than you might think. Here is a list of just some of the free ones. (Warning, the name of one could be considered profanity) More


SEAT SELECTION FEES- It may cost you more to sit here than there in the same section. At one time “nickel & dime charge you for every little extra thing” fees were part of no frill airlines. Now look out, they are everywhere. More

As a Social Media Manager or Small Business Owner, what is one of YOUR biggest pain points? Could it be the blogging process? You KNOW you need blogs for improved SEO on Google, but researching, writing, revising to include keywords, and then editing are very time-consuming tasks. Especially if it takes you THREE HOURS to write the first paragraph!

On the other hand, I can write three paragraphs just getting out of bed. Make better use of your time and tap into my over 40 years of experience as a reporter, editor, and free-lance community writer to generate your creative content. – Anthony Scialis, Managing Editor, SoMe Slice

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