I  have a Holiday Season gift for social media managers and small business owners who direct their own marketing.  First Data, a payment solutions company, says brick-and-mortar retail overall grew in the low single digits during the early part of the 2018 holiday shopping season! Yay! Now get your accounts to capitalize on that over the next 3 days!!!

Last-minute shopping usually involves brick-and-mortar stores because e-commerce in most cases can’t get it to you by Dec. 24th or 25th or 26th. Yes, people do gift shopping after traditional “Christmas” because some gatherings take place the following weekend rather than previous, depending on vacation getaway schedules.

According to an entertaining and oh-so-informative article from Pymnts.com: about half of the retail spending over that three-day period occurs on Christmas Eve, about 10% on Christmas Day and 40% on the day after Christmas.

So today, convince your clients and store managers to promote gift certificates, stocking stuffers, store hours, and most importantly that they are local. Really sell the pitch on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.— have stores offer to even gift wrap the gift!!!

Last-minute shoppers will appreciate and remember the local store that went the extra mile during their time of need.