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TO SWIPE OR NOT TO SWIPE ON INSTAGRAM- Big news yesterday! Scrolling was disabled; it was replaced by swiping. And by the gut reaction of Instagram users it was a ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ‘Žfailure. So much so they took to Twitter. So much so that Instagram called it a bug. But, as more than one person commented, since when do “bugs” come with instructions? More


BRAND VOICE VS TONE- As a social media manager or marketing director, you strive to establish a brand voice. Anywhere on social media, customers will know the message is coming from your client. But different platforms appeal to different audiences. How you appeal to them can be in your tone. More


CONTENT MARKETING METRICS- Increasing sales and visibility are solid goals of a content marking plan. But you need to track metrics to see how well you are doing vs how well you should be doing. Jeff Bullas’ team shares 17 key factors to keep you on track. More


BEST 2018 AIRPORT AMENITIES- One airport is the same as another, correct? Not necessarily. Check out this swiping pictorial of the extras you can find. Things like taking a selfie with an alligator, or ice-skating rink, or pop-up marriage license bureau, or video game lounge, or more

As a Social Media Manager or Small Business Owner, what is one of YOUR biggest pain points? Could it be the blogging process? You KNOW you need blogs for improved SEO on Google, but researching, writing, revising to include keywords, and then editing are very time-consuming tasks. Especially if it takes you THREE HOURS to write the first paragraph!

On the other hand, I can write three paragraphs just getting out of bed. Make better use of your time and tap into my over 40 years of experience as a reporter, editor, and free-lance community writer to generate your creative content. – Anthony Scialis, Managing Editor, SoMe Slice

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