Not being compensated for work performed is a terrible price to pay by 800,000 U.S. government workers; they did not sign up to be pawns in a political game of chess being played by a one-dimensional checker-level POTUS. And as bad as the “shutdown” is for those workers, the trickle-down effects can also be dangerous to your health & well-being. There is so much more being affected by the Trump “shutdown.”

I was writing an item for a client about this Thursday’s “National Cut Your Energy Costs Day.” There was mention of Energy Star which is a voluntary program managed by the Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy. Besides helping businesses and individuals save money, its primary goal has been to protect the environment through superior energy efficiency.

“According to the EPA, commercial buildings contribute nearly 18 percent of greenhouse-gas emissions in the United States, but those with the Energy Star label cut their energy consumption by 35 percent.” That’s from an article on the How Stuff Works website.

For the individual consumer, you have seen Energy Star ratings in your kitchen on refrigerators and light bulbs. Or you will find Energy Star labels on insulation and doors that meet criteria to seal off attic and basement air leaks.

But what happens to all those safety measures during the “shutdown?”

This is what you get when you currently go to the Energy Star site. No links are clickable. Just this small print message is notable:

The U.S. federal government is closed due to a lapse in appropriations.
For the duration of the U.S. government shutdown, all ENERGY STAR tools, resources, and data services will not be available.  

Is anyone still checking the buildings to see if they qualify for the ratings? Is anyone checking products?

How many other agencies and services are closed or operating with slave labor?

TSA personnel are calling off sick, which makes lines longer at airports— and strains airport security. That definitely is a health hazard.

My point is, build the wall/don’t build the wall, but the American public should not be made to suffer for lack of planning by a one-dimensional wealthy leader. He has no idea about working class people living from paycheck to paycheck.

Want additional proof? As long as the “shutdown” is in effect, there will be no tax returns, food stamps will be cut, and rental assistance will be lost. Now this wall is keeping you from your money! Do you think Trump thought that far ahead?

Far from a simple game of checkers where pieces only move forward, this “shutdown” is a complex chess game with a lot of pieces moving in different directions.

Contact your representatives in the Senate & the House of Representatives by phone, twitter, Facebook or email. Tell them what you think & feel. Here is THE link to find them (of course, it may or may not be updated because of the “shutdown”).