(Instagram posting was heavily in the news last week, as readers of SoMe Slice are aware. One of the news bits revealed that laptop access was available. We asked one of our readers, Diane Leone {a social media manager} to check it out.)

Did you hear? There is a hack that allows you to post to your Instagram page from your laptop!!! Excited but skeptical, I set out to see if it was true and how useful it would be.

I’ve been testing it out for a few days. These are my findings.  Here’s the way Instagram posting from your laptop works.

To begin with, you can only access this on Safari. It’s not my first choice of browsers, but it’s okay.

• Open Safari,
• Select “Develop” in your top menu bar,
• Next, choose “User Agent” and “Safari – IOS – iPhone.”

This basically “tricks” Instagram into believing you are actually on your phone. And you, of course, now see your Instagram page on your computer as you would see it on your phone.

This procedure takes some time getting used to. As you post an image, it appears that the image is too large but, it’s like scrolling through your feed on your phone.

You do the exact steps on the computer as you would on your cell to add a post. I love that I can now post directly to Instagram on my laptop!


Ah, yes, the glitches. I’m happy to say I have only found two.

I usually create .png images and schedule my posts for the upcoming week. With this hack, Instagram does not recognize the .png files, so you have to save your images as a .jpg. Not a big deal, as once you know this, you are good to go.

I created a custom video and it’s an .mp4. With the program I use, there is no other option and normally, this is the best format to use to upload videos to Instagram and Facebook.

The problem? My IG page on my computer in this mode did not recognize the .mp4 file so I can’t upload the video. I finally gave up and airdropped it to my iPhone to upload it.

Final analysis

Instagram posting from your laptop has some glitches but I do LOVE being able to add posts to my IG pages from my laptop! Try it!