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LOL BANDAGE TO STOP FACEBOOK GEN Z BLEEDING- As was mentioned last week, Gen Z are pouring out of FB like a vein was cut and heading to Snapchat. Reportedly, FB has a beta test to fight for their attention and stop the bleeding. Read that as retain your client ad spends if you want this coveted 13-19 target market.

Called LOL, memes from FB pages are gathered on the feed. They are divided into themes titled For You, Animals, Fails, Pranks, Wait for It, Savage, Classics, Gaming, Celebs, School and Stand Up.

It is a limited test. But it is a sign that FB takes seriously the loss of the target Gen Z audience that advertisers covet. More


CALL TO ACTION GUIDE- CTA is more than a button that says “sign up here.” It is a strategic process with which you guide a potential customer on a path from… interest… to want… to need… to sign up or buy or more info, etc.

There are “built-in” CTAs such as with Facebook and Instagram. You can also be creative with “in post” CTAs. But, If your audience hasn’t been presented with a good reason to follow through, you will have lost them.

For example, instead of a CTA to “buy” a new washer/dryer, why not a CTA to “discover more” about the item? More


MONITORING SOCIAL MEDIA MENTIONS- You go to all that time & expense to get your client’s name mentioned on social media. But how do you track brand mentions? Do you want to see customer conversations? And do you want to see what is being said about your competitors? Social Media Examiner shares insights on 5 tools. More


BREXIT COULD TAKE BITE OUT OF AIRLINE MEAL- Bloomberg is reporting that stockpiling of food for airline passengers in the United Kingdom is taking place amidst concerns of no deal brokered with the EU and Parliament. There has been an increase in “inventory levels of products from the European Union to ensure that any initial disruption at the U.K. border can be covered.” More


Our #MondayMotivation cover is from a tweet by Men in Blazers @MenInBlazers (background graphic added).

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