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GENERATION ALPHA INFLUENCING BUYING- Who? Generation Alpha? A recent study indicates that “Two-thirds of parents say the habits and needs of their children influenced their last technology purchase, including TVs, smartphones and tablets.” Kids 10 and under may not have the purchasing power but their tech savvy holds sway with mom and dad.

Check this. One researcher estimates that more than 2.5 million of them are born every week. Remember the name. Generation Alpha.

Advertising Age takes a deep look at this group. More


BOUNCE RATE NOT AS SIMPLE AS YOU THOUGHT- Put aside your perceptions of what a bounce rate is and how it affects your website. The reality of this metric is that it is more complex than you believe.

Simple definition: bounce is when a user enters your client’s website on a particular page and leaves from that very same page without taking any other actions. 100% bounce. Ouch.

But… there is an option called β€˜Adjusted Bounce Rate’ where you adjust the default settings for the way Google Analytics handles Interactions. One event action gets you 0% bounce.

Consider this, someone visits a movie listings page, gets info and leaves— but then goes to the movies at your client’s theatre. High bounce rate but good results.

And… bounce is not part of the Google Algorithm. More


STORIES FORMAT SURPASSING FEED ADS- Facebook and Instagram Stories ads are beginning to show better results than feed ads. There has been a rush by small biz to get on board using a short cut provided by Facebook where you can shift Facebook feed ads or Instagram feed ads into Stories ads. Buffer says that may not be a good idea.

FB simply puts the picture and content into a vertical format, which — oh oh — will make the Stories ad look very different than ones from Friends. What do you think are the odds of such visual content being swiped quickly away?

In our featured article, Buffer provides image and video specs, advice on Buffer Stories Creator and 3 tips to building FB and Instagram Stories Ads. More


SHUTDOWN CONTINUES TO AFFECT AIR TRAVEL- USA Today looks into the effect of the Shutdown on travel. Executives says if it continues there may be major disruptions to come. USA Today also reports that Air traffic controllers say they have a “growing concern for the safety and security of our members, our airlines, and the traveling public.” More


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