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ALAS POOR GOOGLE+ I DID NOT KNOW IT WELL- Shut off date has been set: April 2nd for the service that never really took off. ‪If you want to retain content from your Google+ profile, you can still take action to save. Word is that videos & photos won’t be deleted. More


YOUR B2C CAN ALSO REACH B2B- Can your client’s business be fine-tuned to serve executive needs instead of only consumer wants? This is definitely a revealing 2nd ☕️ reading from the brilliant folks at Moz.

For example can your restaurant offer business specials on Monday or catering of business meetings? Can your flower shop offer a corporate discount? How about a local car repair shop reaching out with a maintenance package to another local biz that has a fleet of cars or trucks?

Moz article writer Miriam Ellis offers a “spreadsheet of every Google My Business Category I could find that is either straight-up B2B or could create a B2B offering.” Next she suggests you determine if your client is “a B2B company that hasn’t been doing local SEO, or a local business that hasn’t created a B2B offering yet.” Then she offers a detailed set of foundational tips specific to your scenario. More


FACEBOOK AD CHANGES FOR 2019- Noted social media influencer Andrea Vahl shares her thoughts on what will and could come to pass in the land of FB advertising. Want to have an edge on the competition? Check out Andrea’s comments. More


DRUNKEN ANTICS WILL COST YOU- Airlines are tired of unruly passengers disrupting flights. And the courts agree. A drunken man was ordered to pay WestJet $21,260.68 in restitution as part of a court sentence. This is what WestJet Airlines says it cost to dump fuel so the man’s London-bound plane could safely return to Calgary International Airport. More


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