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QUIZ STICKERS ON INSTAGRAM- Looking for the next BIG thing to build engagement with your client’s brand followers? Rumors are flying that Instagram is adding another element to an already packed group of stickers (among them for questions, countdowns, music, weather, time, poll and emoji slider stickers). What makes Quiz stickers, caught by some eagle eyed observers, different than “questions” is there will be answers.

Think about it. The quiz could be about pepperoni if you have a pizza place. Or about tire safety if your biz sells tires. Fun + info = engagement! More details as they become available.


COOLERS ARE SPYING ON YOU- No I am not freaking out. In a world where Facebook extracts multiple pieces of data out of what you look at and say, how far fetched would it be for store coolers to be looking at you while you look at them? The tech uses “iris tracking” and Walgreens launched Jan. 14th in Chicago!

You won’t be looking through glass anymore to see soda, water, ice cream, etc. Cooler Screens offer a digitized representation of available products, called a planogram.

There is no facial recognition taking place, they say.

Data extracted could reveal group tendencies such as teens tend to purchase more Dr Pepper if it is next to 7-Up vs Coke. Or that older men buy more Bagel Bites on Thursday nights. More


FACEBOOK PIXEL EVENTS AND WHEN TO IMPLEMENT- Just dropping a FB pixel into your client’s ads and e-commerce sites is not the be all and end all of your marketing strategy. You need specific events to track. They are View Content, AddToCart, InitiateCheckout, AddPaymentInfo, and Purchase.

This feature from WERSM breaks down what each one does, when/where to use, and why. More


AIRLINE SAFETY PROBLEMS- New investigative report from CBS is not going to make the skies sound friendly to you. More than two dozen airline mechanics open up about pressure to turn aircraft around faster than safety measures might allow. More


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