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THE DRAW OF BRICK AND MORTAR SHOPPING- What is the motivation for women and men to “go to the store” over “buying online?” And how does this impact your client’s storefront?

Nine out of 10 respondents in a recent Oracle Bronto shopping survey report “product availability” was most important to them when they visited a brick-and-mortar store. That was followed by easy check-out (87%), promotions and discounts (79%), and dressing rooms (66%).

Women highly favor dressing rooms. Men look for sales personnel to assist. Gen Xers are the largest percentage of frequent in-store only shoppers.

While survey seems geared towards clothing, you can take away that the desire to see, hold, and try on products before purchase is a major motivating factor to battle online competition. More


DISPELLING SEO MYTHS- How does the Google algorithm work for you and against you in terms of SEO? In an effort to be more transparent, Google has taken some steps to make procedures easier to understand. In that spirit, Search Engine Journal has posted an article “10 Facts You Think You Know About SEO That Are Actually Myths” that should be very helpful to Social Media Managers. More


PRO/CON OF SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT TOOLS- Anything that saves you time and makes it easier to post online is a welcome tool. But when there are several such tools, how do you determine which is for you? We found an article that gives you the 👍👎 of 4 tools:




CREEPY DIET COKE NAPKINS ON DELTA- Ewww. Recall is underway of suggestive napkins by Diet Coke carried on Delta flights.

One side said “Because you’re on a plane with interesting people and hey … you never know.” The other side invites your potential stalker to leave an unsolicited and unexpected name & phone number. More


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