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INSTAGRAM GROWTH FUELED BY STORIES ADS AND AD BUYER LOYALTY- Still looking for a reason to jump on Instagram or to convince your clients that Instagram will work for them? How about the facts that it posted a 120% increase in ad spend year-over-year during the fourth quarter of 2018, and was up 43% over third-quarter results. Ever growing popularity of Stories ads leads the charge!

That was backed up by strong showing of loyalty from existing advertisers who continue to support the platform. In fact it is reported that β€œFor every dollar spent on Instagram by a new advertiser in 2018, existing advertisers increased spending by $4.00.” More..


URL SHORTENERS TIP SHEET- If you think URL shorteners only “shorten” unusually long link strings, pay attention to this. They can also: “let you customize the text of the new URLs, track click-through rates on a dashboard, and analyze other information about who’s clicking your links.” That is from a blog by the folks at Zapier. They advise on the best 8 URL shorteners. More


FACEBOOK CLICKS, UNDERSTANDING THE DIFFERENCES- First off, you do realize that “clicks” is not a singular term in FB? There are in fact 7 “click” actions, knowing and not knowing the differences can, according to Jon Loomer, vastly affect how you read and apply them.

Thankfully, our friend and noted social media influencer, provided a breakdown of the “clicks,” where to find them and how to use them.

For example, Jon reveals “The newest of the click metrics, Landing Page Views measures the number of times a person clicked on an ad link and then successfully loaded the destination web page or Instant Experience.” More


10 WEIRDEST THINGS AT TSA CHECKPOINTS- While the side effect of this story is to laugh or shake our heads at the weirdest things airport security has found this year, there is also a downside. The time to check them out can lead to costly evacuations, delays, and missed flights for other passengers. This USA Today article has descriptions and pictures. Check out the hand grenades embellished with a tuxedo design. More


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