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REDDIT STEPPING UP ITS AD GAME- You may not have thought of Reddit as a marketing option, but IT does. Described as a social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website, Reddit also serves target communities for advertisers.

WERSM reports that now “Advertisers will be able to choose the campaign objective, and Reddit will optimise ads to bring App Store visits for this purpose.”

As an added bonus, or necessary plus, a vastly improved Conversion Pixel with expanded capabilities for tracking and measurement is also part of the upgrade. More


REPLYING TO GOOGLE MAPS REVIEWS JUST GOT EASIER- Small business owners and social media managers take note. No need to go to the Google My Business center or mobile app to reply to reviews. You can now just go directly to your Google Maps listing on the desktop view of Google Maps. Makes it easier to respond to reviews more quickly for business owners. More


EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT LINKEDIN ADVERTISING- If you have thought about LinkedIn advertising but were not sure how to best use it to reach your target market, wonder no more. Semrush has a “blueprint” for reaching B2B leaders.

What is suggested? Sponsored Content, Text Ads and Sponsored InMail. Author Aaron Agius provides pros, cons, best practices and advanced tips. More


FLYBMI STRANDS HUNDREDS OF PASSENGERS- Suddenly and without much warning hundreds of passengers throughout Europe found themselves stranded when Flybmi Airlines closed down over the weekend. Inflated fuel costs and Brexit fears appear to be the causes.

No refunds for cancelled flights. Airline telling travelers to claim a refund from their credit card company, travel insurance company or booking agent. More


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