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PAGES ALLOWED TO JOIN GROUPS, GOOD OR BAD IDEA?- On the surface it seems like a way for Pages to lend their expertise to conversations, as well as lots of free promotion. But Jon Loomer warns of the inevitable abuse by brands to hijack conversations and spam the group. He offers a solution. Turn off the default that allows pages to join groups. More


SUCCESSFUL HOME-GROWN SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN- Normally, not using a social media agency is a recipe for marketing disaster. But in this article by Joe Beccalori in Forbes, is a story of a small biz owner who developed a model that created “effective social media benefit lift” that could be used by other SMB.

Since launch in 2011, the business has grown from six-figures in revenue to more than $2 million annually!

Many of these strategies you Social Media Managers know about. Others you may not. More


5 BENEFITS OF SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING- Underused tactic most definitely describes “listening” to what others are saying as way to grow your brand recognition and engagement.

For example, listen on Twitter for someone asking for a recommendation in the type of product or service your client’s brand provides. This gives you the opportunity for direct engagement and passive free promotion to anyone following the thread.

Lead generation, link building, thief-proof content strategy, guest blogging, and product development. Aleh Barysevich, writing for Social MediaToday, covers all these strategies. More


OPERATIONAL EMERGENCY AT SOUTHWEST AIRLINES- According to an investigative report from CBS News “more than 40 planes a day have been out of service โ€“ that’s more than double the usual average, and about 5 percent of Southwest’s roughly 750-plane fleet,” over the past few days. That is not good. Especially following a previous CBS investigation into mechanics’ complaints of undue pressure to return planes to service quicker. More


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