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INSTAGRAM POSSIBLY WORKING ON PINTEREST-LIKE FEATURE- Look out Pinterest, Instagram (…Facebook…) may be taking aim at you. WERSM is reporting that a reverse-engineering expert has read between the lines of code that “Instagram is building a way to make Collections public.” The Collections feature has to this point been an option that allowed users to save posts ONLY in private collections— just like Pinterest’s private boards. Surprise. Surprise. More


PRICING ONLINE COURSES FOR GREATEST SUCCESS- The rush to create a great online course sharing your expertise should be tempered by just exactly what will you charge. What are you worth? What is transformation worth? Keep this in mind. You could just share “info” in a blog. A course should be designed to change a person’s life in a specific way. That has value for both of you. Noted influencer Kim Garst has a few thought-provoking pricing tips. Grab that 2nd โ˜•๏ธ. More


FACEBOOK 8 CUSTOM AUDIENCE TIPS- We have provided performance tips for FB custom audiences in the past. But FB being the complicated resource that it is, another “how to” can’t hurt. Especially by noted influencer and friend Andrea Vahl. More


CHINA’S 10 MOST POPULAR SOCIAL MEDIA SITES- There is no Facebook, nor Twitter in China. If you want to market your client’s online products or services there, you will need to know about platforms such as WeChat (Average Daily Active Users: 619.6 million as of Sep 2018) and Sina Weibo (Average Daily Active Users: 116.7 million as of Sep 2018).

Which one of these, or others, best suit your brand’s needs? Check out this extensive article by Tony Degennaro writing in Dragon Social. More


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