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FACEBOOK NEW PREMIUM VIDEO AD PROGRAM- So, here is the latest revenue generating plan from Facebook. WERSM is reporting that FB “wants to give online video and TV ad buyers who buy upfront airtime the opportunity to reach their audiences in its ‘highest-quality’ videos.” This can be done through In-Stream Reserve, In-Stream Reserve Categories, and Sponsorships.

Operative word “upfront” meaning pay in advance. This will more than likely lock out a lot of small biz. Tell me again about FB striving to help local merchants better reach the marketplace. More


CONTENT CALENDARS, EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW- Do you make use of these devices to streamline your social media activity? Larry Kim, CEO of MobileMonkey has packed everything including the kitchen sink into this post about content calendars. Ideas. Tips. Tricks. How to. And even an Infographic. Nice job Mr. Kim. More


EVERGREEN FACEBOOK CAMPAIGNS- You may have heard of “evergreen” content in the forms of blogs you can repeat, but evergreen ads? Our friend and noted influencer Jon Loomer will take you on a guided tour using his own campaign as a living example.

Critical to the effectiveness of evergreen Facebook campaigns are trigger actions, durations and exclusions. More


SOCIAL PRESSURE IN SCOTLAND- Social media isn’t all emojis and lols. In many countries, it brings an undue expectation to meet certain unattainable goals. For example, in Scotland a recent survey found “more than 1,000 Scots suggests 18 to 24 year-olds are feeling the strain of trying to match or better the lives of others they see on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook,” according to the Herald Scotland.

Additionally the over emphasis of always be available, always checking cell phone, the fear of missing out, blurs the lines between privacy and public life to the extent that stress is an every day dilemma . More


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