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FACEBOOK CLEAR HISTORY TOOL HAS PLUS AND MINUS- Let’s be upfront, an impending FB clear history tool will provide long overdue GDPR-like safety controls that favor user right to privacy. But for those of you who use data to target niche markets, it will be a restriction.

WERSM is reporting that while users will be able to “delete information Facebook continuously collects on users via third-party apps and websites. The feature will be opt-in and only those users who deliberately choose to erase all of the third-party data associated with their account will actually do so.”

So, how effective will this tool be for users and how inhibiting for advertisers? Time will tell. More...


CHATBOTS OFFER CONVERSATIONS WITH PERFECT PROSPECT- Those are the thoughts of Jason Swenk, Coach to Advertising, Digital, Media & PR Agencies. He had that and much more to say about chatbots on the Casual Fridays podcast with Tyler Anderson.

8:01 Jason discusses how to personalize your Chatbot messaging to segment audiences
9:15 Reaching out to leads directly once they’re captured through your Chatbot
11:35 Remarketing to Chatbot subscribers
12:20 Messenger Marketing vs. Email Marketing
13:25 Redirecting prospective customers to your CRM through your Chatbot

Very interesting interview. More


HASHTAGS MAY NOT MATTER THAT MUCH- The team at TrustInsights pulled data from over 1.7 million Facebook posts and 1.5 million Instagram posts. Wow. The article we are linking to has a little bit of techie talk but is easy enough reading to get to the conclusion that… hashtags do no harm, but they don’t help either for expanding reach. Double wow. More


SOCIAL MEDIA TAX DOWNSIDE IN UGANDA- It was designed as a revenue-generating device and a way to weed out gossipers. But, reports coming out of Uganda about a social media tax are not good.

Quartz Africa explained “…in July, the East African nation introduced a tax on users accessing 60 websites and social media apps from their phones, including WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook.” With what results?

Internet subscription declined by more than 2.5 million users
Value of mobile money transactions also fell by 4.5 trillion Ugandan shillings ($1.2 million).

Ouch. More


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