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GOOGLE BUSINESS PROFILE OFFERS- Trying to squeeze more marketing content into existing space, Google is implementing an offer you can’t refuse. A “dedicated space for business owners to feature their most recent offers— making a quick decision for their potential customers even easier.”

It all works through the Google My Business app. You create a post for your client. Categorize it as an offer. Tailor all details of offer to client needs. Add a description, terms and condition. You can even list a coupon code. More


WHY YOU NEED A CONTENT CALENDAR- Through a podcast and a lengthy detail-filled 2nd ☕️ blog Pam Moore answers this question. She also provides the template for the “Ultimate 2019 Content Calendar.”

Moore says, “WHY you are producing each and every piece of content is just as important as the medium, audience and distribution strategies. The WHY should drive everything. It is your mission.” More


6 STYLES OF TIMELINE INFOGRAPHICS- A great way to present a lot of info in a blog without getting overly wordy is to use an Infographic. It is one of the best by-products of the digital revolution. But did you know INFOGRAPHICS are not a one-size fits all graphic. There are as many styles as there are needs. For example, there are timelines.

The Historical Layout
The Chronological Layout
The Organizational Layout
The Biographical Layout
The Resume Layout
The Project Management or Workflow Layout

Nadya Khoja, writing for the Neal Schaffer website, breaks each one down. More


IRELAND LOOKING TO REGULATE INFLUENCERS- Are they offering unbiased opinions or are they being paid as spokespersons? Can you be sure of comments being made by social media influencers?

Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland recently (ASAI) released record-breaking figures for the number of complaints it received in relation to social media and influencers who are paid to promote products in that space.

Digital media in 2010 had represented only 22% of all complaints. It was almost doubled to 43% in 2017.

This post we pulled up looks at what is being done in Ireland to curb influencer abuse and also lists some of the top influencers. More


Our #WednesdayWisdom cover image is from a tweet by Kelvin Shaban @KelvinShaban (background graphic added).

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