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CONTENT MARKETING SURVEY SEEKS RESPONDENTS- How teams work together, what tools they use for communicating internally, with stakeholders, and with agencies. Those are the answers being sought in a State of Content Marketing Industry report by WERSM. And you are invited to fill out the questionnaire. More


TWITTER CONVERSATION HEALTH STILL NOT DIAGNOSED- Measuring the health of conversations on Twitter was supposed to be a big deal project at Twitter. It was a way to find out what motivates conversations and how to steer/reward users away from snarky, unsolicited attacks and trolling-like activities. RECODE reports not much has been done. MORE


GOOGLE SEO STRATEGY- Did you know that Google has roughly 7000 websites of its own? Wonder what it does to rank higher in SEO? Some of the 9 tips from this LSA Insider post won’t apply to small biz— but every little clue helps. Especially if coming from Google itself! More


CYBERBULLYING TAKING TOLL IN NEW ZEALAND- New survey reveals one in 10 New Zealand adults have suffered online harm. It also points out that “64% of people are concerned about the impact of cyberbullying and its effect on society.” More


Our #TuesdayThoughts cover motivational image is from a tweet by Bold @Bold_online: Tuesdays are quite an uninspiring day – But if you keep your thoughts positive, you can accomplish anything, even on a Tuesday!

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What about newsfeeds? It is no secret they have become declining organic sources of engagement.
According to the Nielsen Norman Group’s “Email Newsletter Usability Report” (based on email newsletters in six countries), email newsletters create bonds.
Specifically, the report states, “Newsletters feel personal because they arrive in users’ inboxes, and users have an ongoing relationship with them…The positive aspect of this emotional relationship is that newsletters can create much more of a bond between users and company than a website can.”
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