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FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM, WE ARE BACK- FB says it wasn’t a DDoS, a cyberattack known as a distributed denial-of-service where hackers try to crash a site by flooding it with too much traffic. But no solid reason yet for a 14 hour long outage yesterday that affected users of FB, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus globally.

What we do know is that FB needed to use… wait for it… TWITTER to communicate to the world. A lot of people realized they COULD get along without FB. And no doubt some of you Social Media managers are second guessing putting all your eggs in one FB/Instagram basket. Newsletters anyone? More


STREAMING IMPACT ON DIGITAL ADVERTISING- Digital advertising is expected to account for half of the total global ad spend by 2020. That comes from Dr. Stefan Birrer, co-founder and CEO of real-time streaming solution Phenix during a TechRepublic interview.

He says, “People are certainly not willing to sit through five back-to-back, full-length commercials anymore. Today’s streamers are interested in interactive content options such as having the choice of what ad to watch, interactive real-time stats or having a quiz to play with and a prize to win.” More


SETTING UP YOUTUBE ADS CAMPAIGN- Relax. Social Media Examiner advises “If you have experience with Google ads or Facebook ads, many YouTube ads features will look familiar to you.” That is encouraging. Options include TrueView ads, Non-skippable in-stream ads, and Bumper Ads. More


ZIMBABWE, INFO SHUTDOWN AND POWER OF WHATSAPP- Civilian unrest has led to government social media blackouts in Zimbabwe. The county with 16.7 million residents has an internet penetration rate of 50% but a mobile rate of nearly 100%!

Julia Thomas, writing for Niemanlab, recounts, “WhatsApp groups became eerily still in an online social landscape where almost half of all internet usage occurs on the messaging platform.”

The courts ruled the shutdown illegal but the crackdown may have backfired. It provided the drive for people and independent media to harness the power of WhatsApp not only as a messaging service but as a news service. More


Our #ThursdayThoughts motivational cover image is from a tweet by Beth Frates, MD @BethFratesMD where she wishes everyone “purpose, productivity, and peace.”

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