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FACEBOOK DUMPING AD RELEVANCE SCORE FOR 3 METRICS- “Relevance Score” on Facebook ads has been a single measurement of whether your ads were relevant to audience reached. Now your ads will be rated by Quality Ranking, Engagement Ranking, and Conversion Rate Ranking. But that’s not all FB is changing! More


NEW ZEALAND SHOOTINGS DESIGNED TO SPREAD ON SOCIAL MEDIA- Christchurch, New Zealand has sadly joined an ever growing list of cities world wide to suffer a terrorist attack. But as described by Elizabeth Lopatto in the Verge, these attacks on two mosques on Friday were designed to be played out on social media, feeding on an uncontrolled frenzy.

She writes, “A 17-minute video that seemed to show the shooting was posted to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. A post on 8chan, a messageboard, included links to a manifesto and a Facebook page where the poster — an alleged shooter — said a livestream of the attack would be broadcast.”

The shootings are horrific and disgusting. The platforms have tried to scrub the videos but people are finding ways to repost. More


RANKING HIGHER ON INSTAGRAM STORIES FEED- Since Stories debuted on Instagram it has been the hottest feature there. Perhaps on all social media. But as more eyes are on the feed that means more people and brands are using it. Makes it a bit crowded to get your message across. The Jeff Bullas team has 6 tips to help your Stories efforts stand out. More


AGORAPULSE REVIEW BY IAN CLEARY- Aptly headlined “Why I went from 4 Social Media Tools to one!!!” this review by the driving force of Razor Social explains the ins and outs of this social media management tool. More


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