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INSTAGRAM STORIES ON PACE TO GENERATE MORE REVENUE THAN SNAP- Oh snap. That projection from The Motley Fool has got to hurt the folks at Snap who originally promoted the Stories concept only to see Instagram (Facebook) say “anything you can do, we can do better.”

Are you using the Stories format to promote your clients? With news feeds packed with ads, you can expect prices for limited spots to go up. Stories presents options for the creative among you. More


TWITTER WORKING ON A SUBSCRIBE TO CONVERSATION FEATURE- For many users, Twitter screwed up when it switched from stars to hearts. Do you really want to show interest in the New Zealand mosque shootings with a heart?

A new subscription feature being hinted at would let you follow a thread without directly signaling interest, OR… even have to join in the conversation itself! With a click of the button, users of this “Subscribe to Conversation” feature would instead opt to just receive notifications when new tweets were added to that conversation.

Could this be another way to follow conversations about client brands without “liking or replying” until the opportune moment? More


SOCIAL MEDIA AND NEW ZEALAND MOSQUE SHOOTINGS- Some people glossed over the fact that Muslims were the victims in the mosque shootings in New Zealand. Let’s not forget that. But also of concern is the continuing spotlight on social media’s unfortunate role, before, during, and after the event.

Just check out how the right-leaning Fox News and the left-leaning CNN seem to be in unison with harsh reviews.


GOOGLE OFFERING BUDGET PLANNER FORECASTING TOOL- Create a budget plan based on either clicks or conversions as a key metric. You also have the option to choose a target: clicks, spend or average CPC. Ginny Marvin, writing for Search Engine Land, walks you through the tool. More


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