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KEY SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES TO IMPROVE PROFITS- Coming from Entrepreneur Magazine, these following suggestions are worthy of consideration. Full disclosure, as a writer of blogs, I was thrilled to see what topped the list:

1. The power of blogging and content marketing.
2. Read and respond to reviews and complaints.
3. It’s not just about Facebook anymore.
4. Use data to learn, analyze and adapt.

Guest writer Linda Orr explains that while a “marketing strategy” is designed to identify and analyze a target market, a “social media strategy” is designed to educate, engage, and excite your customers. More...


FACEBOOK WHINES IT CAN’T FIND ENOUGH LOCAL NEWS- As an excuse why it can’t successfully populate with content the “Today In” feature, Facebook says “About one in three users in the U.S. live in places where we cannot find enough local news…”.

That is called laziness. I have worked small town community newspapers all my life. We were always able to fill a weekly paper with AT LEAST SEVEN ARTICLES. Sometimes that many on the front page alone.

Facebook compiled a map using an algorithmic process to determine in a community if at least five local news stories were posted ON FACEBOOK — either by users or by news publishers — every day in the last 28 days. If not then you lived in a local news desert.

So if it isn’t on FB, it doesn’t qualify as newsworthy?

To fix the problem FB is funding journalism projects that will let local media organizations apply for grants or support for local news efforts. More


PROFILE, PAGE OR GROUP, WHICH IS BEST FOR A BUSINESS- These 3 options in Facebook can be confusing to the newbie social media manager. Possibly to the experienced one as well. Social Media Examiner offers the pros and cons of each. More


CRITICISM CONTINUES FOR SOCIAL MEDIA- The social media fallout from the recent mosque terrorist attacks in New Zealand is not diminishing.

Cnet reports that in a letter to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ahead of the upcoming G20 summit in Osaka, Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison said internet technologies are playing an “unrestricted role” in the spread of extremism, and that world leaders must lay out “clear consequences” not only for those who carry out terrorist attacks, but also “for those who facilitate them.”

Some people who may have been on the fence over government Internet regulations may have been pushed off by the deaths and suffering. More


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