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INSTAGRAM TESTING IN-APP SHOPPING EXPERIENCE- Looking to join the crowd, Instagram is beta-testing a checkout feature!

WERSM reports “When you see a shoppable post from one of the brands taking part in this initial rollout, you will be able to tap on a product tag and then on ‘Checkout with Instagram’ where you will be able to select a color and size or other product characteristics.”

Currently just being tested on mobile with a few brands, but expect this to be a big driver of interaction between advertisers and customers. More


TOP 2019 SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCERS- Another popularity list? This one uses citations and links from data sources such as blogs, publications, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. Sounds like you should follow some of these folks. We do. More


PAYING FOR PRAISE IN CHINA- This will make you feel good all over. If you’re willing to pay for it, there is a new fad/service in China where people give you praise instead of insults.

For example, a CNBC reporter posted having just moved to a new place, and was alone a lot. The response was: “This is awesome! Now you have more spare time. Take this opportunity to enjoy your ‘me time.’ One can be very happy by himself. And you have us here!” More


PROMOTING LIVE EVENT ON FACEBOOK- Besides running ads, there are several other things you can do with Facebook to promote a live event— before, during, and after the event! Create a hashtag, set up geotargetting to reach mobile users, sell tickets, etc. More


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