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LINKEDIN UPGRADES AD TARGETING- Lookalike audiences, audience templates, and interest targeting (with Microsoft Bing search data added to it), are coming to LinkedIn. That is really good news. Being able to reach B2B potential customers is nice, but being able to drill down to reach the right audiences within that group is a big plus. More


NEGATIVE REVIEWS CAN BE A GOOD THING- Really. A perfect example of turning a lemon into lemon pie is converting not so nice comments into positive action on your client’s part to engage with customers. A quick response shows you care. A quick “come back we will make it right” reinforces that. Even if THAT upset customer does not return, it might impress others.

And… wait for it… wait for it… even 👎reviews are good for SEO!!! Yes. According to Marketing Land “negative reviews are good things to have in that they add to the total quantity, and having more reviews is correlated with higher rankings.” More


RECORDING WEBSITE VISITOR ACTIONS- What? Yes, you can record for playback data-analysis on an actual video that “shows” where people are hopelessly clicking an unclickable image. Or sadly (for your client) bouncing out from a page after only scrolling half-way down. Or learn which pages are visited more than others.

You just need to pick a “web visitor recording platform.” Then you get a tracking code to add to client website. Platform then auto-collects user data daily and these interactions are saved to a video file!

It’s not perfect. For example, it can’t tell you why people are getting stuck on a funnel form, you have to figure that out. But at least you know where the problem is. More


DEPLOYING INSTAGRAM IN GREECE- While American President Trump uses Twitter to communicate with his electorate, European politicians seem to be focusing on Instagram. Here is a look at how things are playing out in Greece. More


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