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SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING WORLD RECAPS- Key takeaways from Day One involve content marketing and questioning the value of hashtags on Instagram. As for Day Two, discussion revolved around Facebook (surprise?), videos, and influencers. Christopher Penn supplies insight.

More on Day One…

More on Day Two…


PILLAR CONTENT FOR REAL ESTATE SOCIAL MEDIA AND MORE- This is an interesting article aimed at helping real estate professionals involved with social media marketing. But the process discussed can apply to any niche market. Author Phil Treadwell says create one thing as the pillar that you build your marketing from.

In his case it is a video conference interview from which he carves out “a podcast, smaller audio clips can be used as flash briefings, the video can be chopped up into a highlight reel, quotes can be used to create text graphics, the transcript could be a blog post, and frames can be used as pictures.” More


INTERNET USE UP IN MOROCCO- Doing business in Morocco? Hootsuite reports that 62% of Moroccans use the Internet. The global average is 57%.

81% of Moroccan internet users between 16 and 64 use WhatsApp,
76% use Facebook,
60% use YouTube,
45% use Instagram,
43% use Facebook Messenger. More


ADDING INTERNAL APP SHORTCUT ON ANDROID- Read that again. Not talking about adding the shortcut that an app is but a shortcut within the app! For example, the compose section of Gmail. How beneficial in time saved would it be for a Social Media Manager to open cell and go directly to writing an email. Consider the possibilities of quicker access within other apps. More


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