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CLEARING UP CONFUSION ABOUT “RECENTLY IN” AD TARGETING- Making the most of Facebook’s powerful location targeting options comes with drawbacks. You need to really look closely at what factors you select and which you chose to eliminate. And these choices are dictated by your understanding of how Facebook itself uses available information to determine location. Point in fact what does “recently in” really cover? More


FACEBOOK LIVE VS INSTAGRAM LIVE- What’s the difference? Kim Garst, noted influencer asks and answers this question: “Despite the fact that the two share an ad platform and both are owned by Facebook, their live video features are extremely different. While both can increase engagement and build your social following, they must be used uniquely.”

She goes on to detail similarities, differences and best practices. More


SOCIAL MEDIA REPORT STEP BY STEP GUIDE- “Reporting is one of the most valuable and crucial parts of social media marketing – and it deserves your due attention,” writes Anna Bredava for Social Media Today.

It is not just grabbing data, exporting data and displaying data. If it was, anybody could do it and who would need to hire social media managers?

She suggests 5 building blocks for a solid report.

1- Define your goals
2- Define your recipient
3- Define the time frame
4- Decide what metrics to include
5- Design the report



WHATSAPP WEAPONIZED FOR ELECTIONS IN SPAIN- The average Spaniard spends more than 90 minutes a day reading and replying to messages on WhatsApp. And political parties in Spain are taking advantage of that direct line to voters to spread their messages. More


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