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FACEBOOK LOOKING TO LIMIT GOING LIVE- Word from Facebookโ€™s COO Sheryl Sandberg is that FB is exploring restrictions on who can go Live depending on factors such as prior Community Standard violations. With great power comes great responsibility and FB is realizing that not everyone can be trusted with that power. More


TEN TIPS TO POWER PINTEREST PERFORMANCE- Among the major social media platforms Pinterest is often the most misunderstood. Is it an electronic rolodex? Is it an Instagram ripoff? Is it like visual trading cards? Or is it an investment?

The half-life of a good Pin is said to be 3.5 months. Thatโ€™s 1,680 times longer than the reported half-life of a Facebook post. Extended presence that strong can help drive more traffic. To help make your Pin stand out here are 10 tips geared for B2B, but some are applicable for B2C as well. More


MEXICO’S SOCIAL MEDIA SEEING #METOO MOVEMENT- Sexual violence against women is sadly a continuing global tragedy. In Mexico there has been a recent uptick in social media focus of sexual assault allegations.

For example, 43% of the female journalists interviewed for a survey admit to being harassed at least once by their sources.

According to Global Voices, “The surge was kicked off by a tweet by Ana G. Gonzรกlez in which she accused a well-known journalist of physically assaulting ‘a long list of women,’ one of them being part of her close circle of friends.”

That tweet gave birth to the hashtag #MeTooEscritoresMexicanos (#MeTooMexicanWriters). It was followed by similar ones in other areas of education and the arts. More


GOOGLE ADS KEYWORD PLANNER UPDATES- Some new and revised goodies are now in your Google tool box to make your campaigns more effective. Grouped keywords. Monthly trends bar chart. Save new keywords to existing campaigns! And more. If you use Google Ads, this is a big deal. More


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