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CONNECTING WITH CUSTOMERS- If you had to point to one of the key messages coming from the recent Social Media Marketing World gathering in San Diego, it would be “focus on the customer experience.”

Forbes magazine polled eight well-known speakers for their take on the messages that brands should be sending out.

“We trust each other more than ever. We trust brands less than ever.” – Jay Baer

“It’s all about getting back to the human element of social.” – Mari Smith

Forbes adds some in depth interpretation to those and the other comments. More


TWITTER SPEEDS UP SUSPENSION APPEALS- Dealing with Twitter after being suspended or locked out of an account used to be a long process involving an online form. Now the platform allows you to do it within the app!

You are switched to a screen that features the tweet that was reported or flagged. Then you can provide reasoning why you appeal the alleged violation or just delete the tweet.

Twitter posted that this new system thus far has helped it respond 60% faster to appeals. More


AUSTRALIA PROPOSES SOCIAL MEDIA ANTI-WEAPONIZATION BILL- Social media is under attack. From terrorists (as we saw how it was made an accomplice in the recent New Zealand Muslim mosque tragedies). And nations are looking to use legal means to fight abuse of social media for violent agendas

“We will not allow social media platforms to be weaponised by terrorists and violent extremists who seek to harm and kill,” Australia’s Minister for Communications Mitch Fifield said in a press release announcing that nation’s bill, “and nor would we allow a situation that a young Australian child could log onto social media and watch a mass murder take place.” More


ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT APPLE PAY- After we ran the story about the Apple credit card yesterday, there were a couple of questions about the entire Apple Pay process. Obviously it was not a unique situation. We found a rather lengthy, in depth, semi technical guide to Apple Pay from Tech Republic.

You can skim through it for the info you need. But here is how it relates to your clients as reported by TechRepublic:

“Once you begin accepting Apple Pay, Apple offers resources to help you market this opportunity. First, you can specify that you accept Apple Pay inside of the Maps Connect portal (i.e., the portal used to get your business listing inside of Apple Maps); second, you can apply to get a free Apple Pay sticker set from Apple to advertise that you accept the service in your location.” More


Our #WednesdayWisdom cover image is from a tweet by Cynthia Mejia @CreativeEMarket

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