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FACEBOOK AD DELIVERY UNDER SCRUTINY- Discrimination by advertisers has been a topic of concern in who they TARGET with job and housing ads. But now a new study seems to indicate that Facebook itself sometimes DELIVERS them “primarily to a skewed subgroup of the advertiser’s selected audience, an outcome that the advertiser may not have intended or be aware of.”

For example, in the study Facebook delivered five ads for janitors to an audience that was 65% female and 75% black.

The article in Wired also revealed that “The researchers tested spending between $1 and $50 on their ad campaigns, and found that the higher the daily budget, the smaller the fraction of men in the audience.”

If FB is your prime marketing vehicle for your clients, this article is a must read. More


TWITTER ADDING VIDEO SUBTITLES- This week’s Social Media Marketing Talk Show, presents a discussion on Twitter video subtitle updates and other changes. The addition of subtitles is big for advertisers & promoters as videos in the Twitter timeline autoplay with the sound off. More


GUIDE TO SOCIAL MEDIA REPORTS- If you do your job correctly, at some point for each client you will generate a social media report. From raw numbers spreadsheet to colorful bars & graphs, the reports should show your value to the client based on what you’ve accomplished thus far.

But, what goes into making a solid report? Writing for HootSuite, Christina Newberry offers suggestions and a template. More


ASIAN GOVERNMENTS CONSIDERING REGULATORY ASSAULTS ON SOCIAL MEDIA TECH GIANTS- Concern over proliferation of fake news and weaponization of social media to alter opinions and affect elections has spread throughout the world. Governments in Asia are looking to fight back. And fight back hard. More


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